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Looking for an eye consultant in North Devon or need some advice?

Get in contact today for more information on 07503751349 or 01271 349128
Eye Surgeon in Devon

How We Can Help

At North Devon District Hospital I work with an expert team of nurses, orthoptists and opticians and have access to state-of-the-art diagnostic and surgical equipment. I aim to provide a standard of care that I would wish for my family, and consider the following to be essential:

  • To listen to my patients’ concerns
  • To explain the nature of their problem clearly
  • To involve the patient in any treatment plan
  • To provide clear guidance
  • To be looked after by someone with experience and expertise
  • To be operated upon by someone whose outcomes are excellent

Understanding Your Eye

The eye is a complex structure, protected by the bony socket and the eyelids.
the human eye